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LEITZ Fokos 'On/Off Camera' Rangefinder Boxed

LEITZ Fokos 'On/Off Camera' Rangefinder Boxed

Artikelnummer: SKU#RFL14

LEITZ Fokos 'On/Off Camera' Rangefinder Boxed and in Silver measuring in Meters - in excellent condition.


Leitz Rangefinders are, in line with their reputation, beautifully made, solid Rangefinders that work flawlessly. Extremely rare and using the rangefinder technology of their cameras they are considered to be the best Rangefinders available.  


This lovely German made Rangefinder - measuring in meters -  is in lovely working condition. It is the silver version with original box (box quite tatty). It has been calibrated and verified with a Leica M10. 


On and off camera Rangefinders are an excellent way of adding a distance scale facility to your Rollei 35. On camera Rangefinders require a cold shoe adapter which is placed on top of your Rollei. Alternatively 'Off Camera' Rangefinders can be hand held for equally effective results. 


We offer for sale under the 'Rollei 35 Bags, Cases and Accessories' tab adapters for the Rollei 35TE & SE (see images). For the 35/35T & 35S a simple cold shoe adapter from any on line store will suffice if you want the Rangefinder to be mounted onto the camera. 

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