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Rollei B35 - Silver/Black German Zeiss Lens in original with Flash: Mint

Rollei B35 - Silver/Black German Zeiss Lens in original with Flash: Mint

Artikelnummer: SKU#532

Rollei B35 - Silver/Black German Zeiss Lens in Original Case with Flash - Condition: Mint


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- Serial No: 5334230


A unique opportunity to get a beautifiul FRollei B35 in original case with the E15B Flash unit (flash in good condition and working well but with some signs of usage) 


The B35 differs from its bigger brother by being lighter and simpler in construction. Still made to extremely high standards these make an excellent alternative to the Rollei 35 range.The Triotar lens is a great performer particularly at f8 and above where the legendary Carl Zeiss lens really excels.


This German made version is a rare and collectible camera. In beautiful condition and working flawlessly with original leatherette. Comes in the box with the relevant accessories 


All cameras will have received a full CLA and receive a pre delivery inspection to ensure they are working perfectly. A full Mechanical parts & labour warranty for 12 months is included in the price. A roll of 36 exposure Rollei Film is included in the box.


Please note: All cameras can be reskinned in a different colour if required. See reskinning service tab.


nb. the images of the presentation box are for demonstration purposes only. You will receive the camera you order in an identical and beautiful presentation box, just the camera depicted in that particular image will be substituted with your camera.